Gio V - Giovanni Vaccari

Multimedia Creative Lead. I am a hard working and intense professional, combining a strong sense of purpose with an understanding of methodology and a highly sociable and communicative nature. Challenges don't limit me and I go beyond my possibilities to get the job done.

10.12 Design Store
ASK - Learning Platform
New Waves - Demo Day FinTech & CyberSecurity 2017
Album - I See Flowers
Album - Songs About You
Get Together - Demo Day 2016
Accelerate - Online Campaign
Event Branding - Selection Days FinTech
FoodTech Startup Accelerator
360 Video - Selection Days Experience!
Fashion Photoshoot for OSKK
Job Night Event - Banners
Man Eating Machine
We Are The City - For Startupbootcamp Demo Day
Trust Magazine
Final Selection Days - E-Commerce
Branding Morsa
Corporate Cannibal
Summer Flower - Fashion Photoshoot for Ellora 2013
Startupbootcamp Smart City & Living Main Design
Demo Day - Smart City & Living
Motivational Banners for Startupbootcamp
Final Day For Applications - E-Commerce
Profit-Making Creativity (Book)
Apply Now Video - Startupbootcamp
The Talent Institute Branding
E-Commerce Main Design 2016
Banners - FastTrack
The Queen Is Dead - Print Collection for Kah Von Novack
Shapes - Fashion Catalog Photoshoot
Cool Story - Prints for Mantô
Job Night - Banner
We Are Startupbootcamp - Brochure
T-Shirts For Charity (SNW)
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